Episode 15 - Never trust anyone with a Uniboue!

Boldly going where no repsectable Beer Podcast has traveled before... We drink some beers this week based soley on the names on the labels. Big mistake!!! We shall pay dearly before this episode is over. (Devil powered beer binges in a flying canoe... It sounded so cool on the box!)

Beers on the show: Bitter & Twisted by Harviestoun Brewery, Herold Bohemian Black Lager, Maudite by Unibroue, Amber Ale by Elmwood Brewery.

On the show this Episode:
  1. Pabst Blue Ribbon and trucker caps.
  2. Podcast Pickle Forum insanity and Yahoo Podcasts.
  3. Demi Moore. The 65,000 question.
  4. CHUD's nose tapper, and his Andre the Giant fingers.
  5. Big Foamy Head and Susan Beer Babe.
  6. Illinois Brewing Company strikes again.
  7. Margaret steps in to complain about the Confrontation Board.

Look for a pod show Barley Wine Vid-Cast to be coming soon!

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Blogger Clarke said...

Just hearing CHUD say "Styrian Goldings" was fucking metal. I love hops, but I totally dig Goldings.

Glad you guys are bringing on more Belgians to your show. Belgian beer is where it's at for me. I hope you review more Belgians soon. Just step the FUCK away from the Unibroue! You can NOT trust Canadiens to make your beer. Go American!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

though I haven't tried the Maudite from Unibroue, their Trois Pistoles was quite good. BTW, the guys on the Craft Beer Radio show both liked the Maudite. I think you got a bad batch. That's happened to me before -- my theory was that the store chilled it, allowed to come back to room temperature and then chilled it again (by accident one would hope). Took it back and they gave me a new six pack that was much better.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

Thanks Nony... Can you believe the nerve of those guys at CBR? Copying the beer we chose??? LOL! Actually, its just some freaky luck or something.

We have had some conversation about this over on the forum at our site. I went out this week and purchased another 4 pack. (Cannot get the 1.5 bottles here) I am pretty sure that the Herold Black Lager is what destroyed our show.

We will try the Maudite the next time CHUD and I get together.

Thanks for listening!


6:43 PM  

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