A Christmas Song


Enjoy this Holiday nugget from one of the Beer Report's favorite artists.... Too Much Joy. Partake in the tender side of "joy" with one of the only holiday songs they ever performed. (If you don't count Thanksgiving in Reno)

When asked if we could use the bands Christmas Single for a Beer Report Extra... Band leader, Tim Quick replied "Go crazy, dude!"

Click Here to download "Ruby left a present underneath the Christmas Tree"

To get more info on Too Much Joy and check out more free music, check out Sayhername.com

No beers purchased in honor of this post! Unless you count the Harp and Guinness I got today in anticipation of the next show.


Anonymous BuBBy - Sokushi said...

I listened to your xmas zong about 7 times while waiting in a monster line at the gas station at the Costco here in the Belly of The Monster(TM). Now I can't get it out of my head. It is catchy and I have been attempting to whistle, sing, hum, beat my head against the table with rhthym too, etc to that song echoing through my pickled brain as I think "Hey man, don't go with super unleaded, they f*ck you on the super unleaded every f*cking time, just stick with the s*hit that works."

The xmas song is catchy, but it ain't metal. If you know what I mean.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

No, its not metal... But how much metal do you want at Christmas?

TMJ had a lot more edge than what you are hearing there. Take it for what is supposed to be... Cute.

I do love the line about "I might be a book about Feng Shui"... Every guy can relate to that part of the song.

1:40 PM  

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