Episode 10 - Vacation Brew

A vacation brew swill fest!

Groucho goes out of town and brings back a couple six packs of beer for the show. This episode revolves around Key West Sunset Ale and Brahma. Be prepared for some Brazilian backlash.

Other topics of note:
Groucho smashes his fingers
The proper way to spell Brazil?

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Beer on the show are from Publix in Fort Meyers Florida. This episode was recorded before the holiday episodes... Sound quality may not be peak.

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Blogger Clarke said...

Now THAT was an awesome description of Brahma. I've had that stuff and it was exactly what it tasted like to me - skunk piss. Anytime you purchase an imported beer in a clear bottle, you're opening yourself up to some real skunk (Newcastle excluded, but I hear they use hop extract which isn't as sensitive to light somehow). Man, glad it wasn't just me. Excellent show, dudes.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Hog Dawg said...

Great show guys. Hey, if Chud volunteers for a “Brazilian”, you may get that sponsorship you’re looking for. Going to shows of past, I drank an Avery Reverend yesterday. Real good beer. I liked the caramel finish light carbonization. Demands respect @ 10% alcohol! You two need to do a Belgium inspired Triple show. Seems you like that style of beer. If you do, try acquiring some of Stoudt’s Brewing Co.’s Triple. If you have problems getting anything, call in your brothers from the West and we’ll help fill your fridge.

Later and cheers to ya! HD

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Mr.Creosote said...

The reason that Miller Lite (mentioned when talking about light beers)doesn't taste anything like MGD or Miller's is because it's a Meister Brau formula.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

Meister Brau?

Can you still get that? I remember seeing it when I was a kid, but I honestly have no idea if its being made anymore!

Thanks for chiming in Mr. Creosote (Damn, I dont even want to know why you chose that name), we appreciate your beer knowledge!

Have a cold one on me...


9:28 PM  

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