Episode 13 - Milk Stouts with the Homeless Hoopmaster

Another 3rd wheel show... Someday I will have the equipment to handle these situations.

Give a warm welcome to the Homeless Hoopmaster! After begging for weeks for the chance to get behind a microphone on the Beer Report, Groucho finally succumbs to the athletic inebriate. Unlike Eggs, this 3rd party show does not include many compliments or ego strokes.

If Homeless sounds loud as hell... He is!

On the show:

  1. General stupidity about podcasting and how The Beer Report works.
  2. Groucho has Titan IPA on the mind.
  3. Clarence Maloy supplies the show with precision drink-ware.
  4. CHUD likes livestock, and married women... Still hates Brazil.
  5. Clarkehead brewery's podcast, Dude Night, supplies the show with technical details about Milk Stout.
  6. A board game Podcast? Risk talk.
  7. The Homeless Hoopmaster starts getting sick... Then gets yanked by Mrs. Hoopmaster.
  8. Margaret Dumont makes her premier on the show.

The last 20 minutes have a stellar turn of events that are seldom ever caught on tape. A guy getting busted by his Wife and kids after getting wrecked! For the record... HH probably downed 6 shots of the Seahorse during our show... CHUD had ZERO, and Groucho had 1. We are soulless bastards!

Beers on the show: The Yeti Imperial Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout, Clarkehead Milk Stout

Click here to listen to Episode 13

Beer on the show are from Friar Tucks in Peoria and Bloomington. The Clarkehead is a home-brew, still the best home-brew!

Check out the thebeerreport.com. Also feel free to sign in to the "Confrontation Board".

Look for an extras reel from this show on the Confrontation board soon


Blogger Clarke said...

Brilliant show again, guys. And educational too! Things I learned from this show:

• Groucho's actually a total heathen when he's not on the air, extremely mean-spirited. And Chud is NOT the screaming, anti-liberal he portrays on the show. I was shocked! This was on par with finding out that Pete Rose bet on baseball. The humanity!

• Titan IPA is not a stout.

• Homeless friends are cool, and they can really hold their liquor -- at least until the lactose kicks in.

• Don't let drunken homeless people pick up your kids, unless they're wearing full pads.

• Margaret Dumont rules the house, baby!

• I need to send you hosers more beer.

Can't wait to hear the out-takes. More Margaret! More Abby!

10:43 AM  
Blogger gonsorellie said...

Awesome show!!!

The people that sit in my train must think I am totally mental... laughing like a madman for no apparent reason.

Was the Titan thing on purpose? This sounds like something I would do, rumbling on and repeating silly shit all over! But I have a feeling this was a very well scripted and rehearsed podcast. I mean how else would you explain the great acting job of Groucho doing fantastic totally-hot-sounding-chick voice expressions!

10:04 PM  

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