Episode 11 - IPA Show succumbs to Sailor Jerry

Ahoy there!

The Beer Report makes an attempt at an IPA show, in honor of the boys from Clarkehead... Unfortunately, Sailor Jerry comes to port in Pekin, and begins to plunder the Beer Report Studios.

Beware, Groucho's wheels were lubricated, and the F-Bomb count gets rolling hard and fast during this show. It had occurred to me to edit this all out, but that is not the spirit of TBR.

Beers on the broadcast this week: Great Divide Titan IPA, New Holland Brewing Company's Madhatter and Ale Smith IPA.
  • Podcasters Beware! CHUD levels a rant against 99.9999% of the Podcast community.
  • Brazil, get a language!
  • Super Liquors serves free booze on check-out!
  • Heavy ass kissing of the ClarkeHead gang.
  • CHUD's kinda woman is described in detail!
  • Sailor Jerry gets a courtesy pour while the boys are still recording and you get to hear a condensed version of what happened over the next hour. This extra content helps this show ring in at a healthy 43 minutes!

Great Divide purchased at Super Liquors in Peoria. Madhatter gifted to the show by fan "Irish". Ale Smith gifted by the Clarkehead gang. Thanks to all our fans for the support!!!

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Blogger Clarke said...

If the Stone gargoyle qualifies as "metal" then that's all the feedback I need to know. Awesome show again, guys. I love listening to CHUD blow a gasket - no matter the subject. It just never gets old. And listening to Groucho try to reel him in, which just drives him further into a tailspin - pure comedy.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

You know the great thing about podcasts? They can sit on the net for days, months or years... And you can offend people like you said it yesterday.

I am sitting here waiting for the flamemail to begin... Thanks CHUD!...

Thanks for the love Clarke, did we suck up enough?


10:10 AM  
Blogger Clarke said...

Oh, the sucking-up level was high - thanks!

I wish we got some hate mail. I guess we're not mean enough. We need to take a page from the book of CHUD. His venom was boiling at a stellar rate, especially once you tapped that bottle of rum.

If you get any good hatemail, share it with us on the Confrontation Board. I'm sure it'll make for some great reading.



2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easily the dumbest beer show on the iPod network. I think their script must read....Turn deck on, drop F-Bombs. Losers!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

Well, as Rumbaar said (Or Oscar Wilde)... The only bad publicity is no publicity.

I could shit-can his message, but that is not metal!

Hope you find a show you like... A. Nonny Mouse.


12:37 PM  
Anonymous CHUD said...

Hey anonymous, if you're the same guy who posted on i-tunes, we actually don't live with our parents, and are members of the digital age. Obviously, you can't take a joke. Therefore, you suck, your friends probably suck or are at least thinking about not hanging out with you anymore, your mom sucks for making you such a little pussy, your Dad sucks for not kicking your ass for being a pussy, and chances are you're a little liberal bitch who can't take responsibility for his own pathetic misery. You complain about F-Bombs, but I bet you're the type of degenerate who supports ebonics as an official language. So, how bout you take your fruity self with your fruity beer back to the metrosexual hippie den you came from and leave the real men, the real metal motherfuckers who listen to this show alone, so we don't have to deal with your pink little school dress bitching. Put on some rouge buttercup, tuck it between your legs and strut like the self deceiving little strumpet you are and GET OFF OUR BLOG!!! Damn that feels good after a long day at the office.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chud, there is a world of words out there in case you didn't know and they don't start with F or P. I listened to your IPA show and it had to be the worst or the worst. Absolutely no redeemable qualities, you merely 'spewed' forth a diatribe of obsentities...Next time try using an adjective. I learned absolutely nothing about anything on that show other than your utter contempt for anything that is not "metal." I call bullshit on you my friend and to take it to your level, which is a low as your parent's basement. That's your best attack?...talking about my Dad and Mom? Wow and going the gay route...great job..the sound of one hand clapping goes (here) Score one for the "chudster."

You want metal..you got it, next time I cum don't bite so hard..and when you and your buddies are done giving each other the reach arounds while hanging out at the 7-11 waiting for your older buddy to by you beer Remember to try harder next time beerheart.

Oh, one more thing..(DUNE)... and put your ear up close on this one has the smoke effects may cloud your vision? you asked for it so don't complain for the bitch slap...bitch...

You invited me here when you put this poor-excuse for a podcast on iTunes and you said it on the air..

Paleez nigahh

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am sitting here waiting for the flamemail to begin... Thanks CHUD!..."

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am sitting here waiting for the flamemail to begin... Thanks CHUD!..."

You're psychic!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

Once again... This is great... I think you should start posting on Podcast Alley, iTunes, Odeo, Yahoo Podcasts and Podcast Pickle how shitty and offensive our show is. That would be terrible. Please dont do it! I beg you!

BTW, it was nice of you to get racist... Something I personally find offensive... And it was really gutsy of you to step out from anonimity... Oh wait, you even ran and changed your review to anonymous. Thats weak.

I would really love to hear your podcast... Really! But, based on the grammar in the review... I'm betting that a 14 year old like yourself has more important things to do. Like tear down others work.

Put up or shut up Doc... I think you have nothing.


9:19 PM  
Anonymous CHUD said...

Ha, I knew it!!! I knew he couldn't help but come back for the ego stroke!!! You're the type of little bitch who comes on our blog to rip us, telling us how much our show sucks, but with your low self esteem ripping your weak little heart to pieces, come back to look at our board because somehow my response validates the importance of your sad existence. Go ask your Dad for a hug, sissy. I can't imagine how hard your parents are faking it when they say "I love you".

Thanks anonymous, you're actaully our first person to throw shit on this board. I can't beleive I've had to wait this long to do this here.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My pleasure...now get back to work...where's this weeks show?

hugs :-)

ps dad sez hi, but i think he was faking it.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

LOL! Now that's the spirit!

You or father will not be upset if we don't talk about you on the next episode?

Actually, the next episode is tentatively being planned for recording this week with Egg's from the Real Happy Hour. It will be a remote broadcast from CHUD's attic hovel. I have a few episodes in the hopper, need to get them produced.

I had to make special considerations with Margaret for the remote broadcast to happen!

Wish me luck

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No dad and I will be happy to hear you slam us on the air, as I am trying to get the love I never got from him growing up. I'll be wearing my 'pink little dress' as I try and understand chud's un-unnerving rants on topics he has no business speaking on. Looking forward to it...up the medication.


PS I still hate your show...I'll switch to the confrontation form as they appears to be a better outlet...

PSS No, I'm not a podcaster, but seriously who gives a shit about what the other casters are doing. Stay on message as your hero Rove would say...Drink beer, talk about it and when you’re done give Groucho Markks the reach around he so justly deserves…And remember there is a Santa Clause and there are Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

10:57 AM  
Blogger Clarke said...

Now I'm glad I never posted a comment. I almost insulted a member of your family? Oh the things I had to say . . .

7:10 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

If that is my other brother, CHUMP, or sister SLY... Then I will kick their ass!

No, A Nonny Mouse is not a Markks brother.

Him and CHUD just like to talk about his dad.


8:02 PM  
Blogger BottledViolence said...

Damn, you guys are all right! I've been spreading the word of Sailor Jerry for years.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous CHUD said...

Thanks man. That Sailor Jerry is the best thing I've ever drank. I'm hooked. Love the name by the way. Fucking metal.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Jerry said...

Awesome show... you guys and TRHH are the best around.

I'm over in Iowa and the state doesn't stock Sailor Jerry. Now, this is totally unacceptable of course, so I'm forced to import it from across the state line. It's pretty much my fate since my parents named me Jerry. I feel like I should get a tattoo or something.

Footnote to the Iowa rum - Me and a friend have special ordered a case that should come in around March. We'll be the fuckin Iowa SJ Rum Kingpins with six bottles each. It'll be fun while it lasts (two weeks would be my guess).

7:21 PM  
Blogger Groucho Markks said...

Hey Jerry, thanks for the kinds words.

Beware the of the Sea Horse... Sailor Jerry that is... I hear the folks at TRHH are going to do their next episode in his honor as well. I hope you dont have to wait till March to hear it!!!

Also, as a car guy, I am looking forward to hearing your podcast. Dont expect CHUD's feedback though!


9:50 PM  

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