TBR Extra - Interview with Dave Engbers of Founders Brewery

Wow... Are we a respectable Beercast? We could make you to believe it with a special like this!

Dave Engbers, a VP and co-founder of Founders Brewery stopped in for a special tasting night at Kellehers in Peoria IL. Be patient with the sound... As you will hear, the bar crowd gets louder and louder as the interview goes on.

A special thanks to Mike from Specialty Distributing for setting up this event. They are doing lots of work to make this years Beer Fest a big event!

Topics touched on:

  • Why are you in Peoria?

  • Whats going on at Founders Brewery?

  • How does Founders create an identity in the midst of a West Coast beer revolution?

  • Founders Myspace page?

  • How do we get better beer to the masses?

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Download this interview here.

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