Episode 22 - The Stolen Stone Show

Sorry for the delay, we have been all over the country since our last show! From coast to coast in the span of 30 days... The TBR has been on a Stone Brewery whirlwind tour, and then out to PA for some felony breaking and entering!

  1. Grand Theft Stone in Pennsylvania... Sorry to the Should I drink That? boys.
  2. The Psychostick song: "Beer".
  3. Getting home from Cali after doing the Stone 10th Anniversary Beer-fest with Dude Night.
  4. The Real Happy Hour Beer Show
  5. Groucho ain't get'n drunk tonight!
  6. Mugs that later turn into chalices!
  7. www.Blubrry.com, Sellouts?
  8. A message from Mama Goot at Two Chicks and a Cooler, Part of the ECCC family.
  9. Apologies to Charlie at Speaking of Beer (at 21:10 for all you Dragonpage people!) and Canada.
  10. Airplane tragedies and the twisted logic.
  11. The Podcast directory Rant. iTunes, Podcastalley.
  12. Kissing Stones Ass!
  13. Margaret joins the fray... Mysterious echo ensues for several minutes.
  14. Shipwrecked Stag Beer.
  15. Broke-back drinking! Groucho loses pace once again!
  16. 8 Ball Wednesdays... And other suggestions.
  17. Margaret loves the HHM!

Beers on the show: Stone Brewery Arrogant Bastard, Vertical Epic 06.06.06, 10th Anniversary Ale, Smoked Porter.

Links for Psychostick!

This show was recorded on a new mixer... We are still learning how to use it, so sound quality is questionable. Please save your comments! Yeah, we are not at Far Point Media standard, but that is another story!

OK, some of the beers where not stolen... In fact, Hogdawg was our supplier of all the Stone products but the Vertical Epic. That was supplied by Sickpuppy. THANKS GUYS!!!

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