Episode 24 - The Electorate & the Rye

Yeah, we are breaking a big TBR taboo... Talking politics... We have to. Illinois is one of the most corrupt states in the USA. We have nothing to gain or lose with an election show. Its already predestined that Chicago will have its governor and related officers of choice!

On the show:

Definition of Rye.
Judy Barr Topinka vs Roddy Blagojevich vs the Green Party.
Spanish cretins.
Universal Redneckism.
Chunk of something in the Hop Rod, CHUD misses the "In Drag" joke.
Listener mail from Josh.
Pissing on the flames of the dragon.
The politics of beer.
Hit the polls.

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Cain and Ebel purchased at Friar Tuck in Peoria. Hop Rod Rye was a gift from Hawgdog! Thanks!


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