Episode 35.5 - Jacobite's and Frenchmen

Yeah, we did show 35 again... Can you blame us? We were pretty loaded after ep 34... How could we remember recording it the first time?
Groucho and CHUD take a European tour of beers on this episode. Starting in Scotland, and ending in the land of our nemesis... France! Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? You might be shocked at the results!

Welcome Margaret for the first half of the show

Beers on the show: Traquair Jacobite Ale, Traquair House Ale, Thiriez "Blonde" Dry-hopped French farmhouse ale, La Choulette Blonde, Burt Grant's Hopzilla.

  2. http://www.beersafari.com/
  3. Chris Moyles rating.
  4. Frog Legs, AB had a bad childhood experience with frogs?
  5. Warhammer 40K, Dawn of War. (Added for geek cred)
  6. Oldest house in Scotland?
  7. Beer for Breakfast... Ala The Replacements.
  8. American Brewers are over the top.
  9. 6 X 6 = 18.
  10. Global cooling screwed the Scots.
  11. CHUD Golf.
  12. Stings tantra.
  13. Madonna wants a wiener?
  14. Article from Clarke about movie theaters.
  15. Movie Piracy... In the theaters!
  16. Letter from Jim Koch to Groucho.
  17. French leaders... Kicking ass? Sarkozy! Canada a better place?
  18. Chipped Sam Adam's glass.
  19. Badminton
  20. PB Ricks Beeratitudes

Beers on the show purchased at Friar Tuck in Peoria and Bloomington Illinois.

Download this show steeped in culture here:


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Blogger Clarke said...

What a treat - the silky voice of Margaret. Totally enjoyable. :-D

Fuck the beer snob bitches. Did you actually come across someone who said "If a beer doesn't get above 90 on RateBeer, I don't drink it?" Because that's a quote from an idiot who's missing the point, and missing out on a lot of great beer. This is about the journey to find the beers you like, and the beers you don't. I couldn't give two shits what someone else has to say about ANY beer, especially when it's some ignorant fat fuck sitting in his basement passing judgement on brewers and beers he knows little about.

Goddamn that made me angry. Those sites are great, and I like to read what other people have to say, but I do not give it any mind when it comes to choosing the beer I want to drink. And you know what? If I think a beer sucks, I'm not going to slam it on some message board. It's just not for me. That doesn't mean the brewer didn't work his ass off trying to make a great beer. They can't all be winners.

I don't know why I sent you that article. Maybe it just shows that I'm not the only pissed off person out there when it comes to bad theatre experiences. What I found interesting about that article is that two of the four buttons were for picture problems on screen, and audio problems. Shouldn't that be the responsibility of the theatre supervisor? Why do we have to complain about these things? They need some quality control.

Jesus, this show pissed me off. Where's the Xanax?

And I think you guys are on to something. We need to start manufacturing a car freshener that smells like Belgian beer. Like this - http://www.chuckthomas.com/rrock/rrairfre.jpg - except one that doesn't smell like cow piss.

Oh, and guys - do us a favor. NO MORE SINGING. Please. Thank you.

9:50 AM  

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